FOMO = TMC (Too Many Commitments)

Invitations can be like buses.

Nothing for a while and then you’re invited to four things in one day. You have FOMO so you say yes to all four.

You spend the week before excited about all your plans. When people ask ‘what are you up to this weekend?’, it feels great to say ‘oh on Saturday I have a brunch at 1pm, then a BBQ at 3pm, a housewarming party from 6pm and birthday drinks from 9pm’.
You feel so popular and sociable.

The day arrives, and you need to work out what to wear because you won’t get chance to go home and change inbetween.

You need an outfit that works for everything.
No white in case of brunch and BBQ food spillage, something casual but also dressy enough for birthday drinks at a bar.

Then there’s the logistics. The parties are in different areas, not close enough for cheap cabs, so there’s a good three hours worth of travel all in all.

As excited as you are, it now feels a little bit stressy.

Another friend wants to meet you to go to the birthday drinks together, but you can’t give an exact time because you don’t know quite how the day will flow.
Also as the brunch is at 1pm sharp, at the other side of the city, you actually need to leave at around 11.30am. What?!

Oh wait you also need to grab a bottle for the housewarming party, and a card and present for the birthday.
Look at the time! It is already 10am and you’re still starfished on your bed.


Here is an idea
Cut some of those plans. You know you can’t do it all without it feeling like a regimented day, and that won’t be fun.

Either do the brunch or the BBQ. Are you really going to eat twice in that timeframe?

You could do the housewarming party and the birthday, but maybe choose one as the priority, and the other you may just pop into.

For the people you’ll be letting down, let them know now, and suggest another time to see them.
It’s not nice being cancelled on, but it’s much worse to be cancelled on at the last minute.

Now your day is a lot easier to manage and you’ll actually enjoy it rather than clock watching.

The message in this is, don’t over commit yourself. If you realise that you have, make some adjustments.

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