You Deserve It

How many times do we utter the words “I deserve it, I’ve worked hard” to justify a treat?

I say it a lot.

Who are we justifying ourselves to?
Often ourselves, especially if it costs more than we might usually spend or it’s seems like a luxury.

No one would ever tell us that we didn’t work hard enough so deserve nothing. At least I hope they wouldn’t.

For me at the moment it’s a gig or festival here and there, trips away or simply some me time.

The pay off is great, and really recharges my batteries.

I recently changed job and had a few months off work. I wanted to go on trips but I was cautious about spending too much money with no income coming in.

Instead I found a few deals to treat myself to every now then, free gigs and open mic nights, online deals for beauty treatments or dinners.

Which goes to show that the monetary value of the treat you give yourself isn’t important, it’s the feel good value.

So to sum up, feel free to treat yourself when you like. It doesn’t always have to cost much or anything at all, and you don’t need to justify it to anyone or yourself.

You do you.


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