Words of Wisdom (WOW)

I was approached by a woman on the underground this week, asking people what their best words of wisdom were. Did any of you see her?

My first thought when she asked me was ‘oh gosh, how awkward’. Then I thought again and replied ‘there is no point worrying about things you cannot change’.

I often need to remind myself of that, but it’s a good bit of wisdom.

I got on the tube and took my seat (yes I got a seat in evening rush hour in central London!), and got to thinking about words of wisdom and how they are all around us if we just pay attention.

I guess it depends on what is happening in life at the time, but here are some which stood out to me on my commute this week:

Plan, Build, Extend, Improve. (Grand Designs London Live tube advert)

Bold dreams do come true (GSM london tube advert)

…but together we have the power to transform lives. (Christian Aid tube advert)

Whatever you focus on, grows. (In the April issue of my favourite monthly free magazine, Balance.)

To me they could relate to love, learning, motivation. The last one is more of a reminder to focus on and grow the positive.

What do you take away from these?

I’d love to hear your words of wisdom. Please do feel free to comment below, or follow and comment on my Instagram.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😊


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