What A Difference A Sunny Day Makes

Hello there and to those of you not in the UK, we have sun here! In April! Proper sun too!

I cannot tell you how much sunshine makes me feel better about everything (except insects that buzz and sting 🐝 because I’m a scaredy Mary).

So what do I love most about the sunny weather?

I can get my legs and toes out. This is the one time of year I’m ALWAYS defuzzed and pedicured, so gentlemen, the time is now.

Spontaneous picnics in the park, I had two this week with friends. Followed of course by love my sunsets.

Furnivall Gardens, Hammersmith, London

Also days that just meander into nights out, No planning, just a drop of lippy and and spritz of perfume.

Pretty flowers. I’ve been taking pictures of the flowers in people’s gardens and hoping that the owners don’t look out of their window and think I’m a peeping Tom.

Someone’s lovely garden, North London

Undereye dark circles are hidden under the glow of sunkissed skin.

People are generally smilier and more polite, even the most hardened London commuter.

Trips to the beach. I don’t go as often as I should, but I am aiming to change that starting with a trip to Margate yesterday.

Margate, Kent

I could go on forever, but I won’t as the sun waits for no one.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and the best of luck to those of you running the London Marathon. 😊


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