Making Weekday Mornings Organised

My ideal weekday morning would be much like my weekend ones.

Wake up, have time to have a good breakfast and take some time choosing something nice to wear for the day. All at leisure.

So why are my weekday mornings the complete opposite? Hurried.

No need to get the violins out though, I have just finished a three-month break from working, which has been so nice.

I started my new job on Thursday and by Friday evening I was pooped….after just two days!

I’m so out of the habit of waking up early, commuting and then spending 8-10 hours thinking intensely and making decisions. It all feels so foreign at the moment, like when I was a kid going back to school after the summer holidays.

I need to make my day as easy as possible so I’m going to get back into the habit of doing a few things to help me in the morning and through the working day.

Here is what I am going to do:

The night before

  • Organise my outfits for the day. Ideally I’d do this for the week or few days at a time, but as a minimum I’ll do it the night before. In the past I’ve found this better because in the morning I don’t have to spend time deciding looking for things. Or worse still realising I need to iron what I want to wear.
  • Prepare a packed lunch for work. I usually pack up some of what I had for dinner, or when I’ve been very organised, I freeze portions of food left over from other meals, which I can defrost over night.
  • Pack my bag. There is nothing worse than looking for things in the morning at the last-minute. Lanyard, umbrella, glasses and keys particularly.

In the morning

  • A considered preparing my breakfast the night before but what I’ve been doing instead is making my cereal to go.

pexels-photo-908941188366505.jpegI whack it in the microwave in a container just before I leave and I then (sorry if this breaks commuter etiquette) eat it when I get on the train. I’m lucky enough to always get a seat where I get on.

  • Take healthy (or healthier) snacks to work. I’m a crisp fiend, a colleague at a previous job once told me I should be called rustle as that’s the sound that comes from my desk). Yikes. I need to change this. Watch this space.

What do you do to be organised in the mornings? Maybe you manage to do everything in the morning without rushing around. Do tell.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week!😊


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