Recently, in my bid to find some inspiration I attended some motivational talks. Some on careers, some on life in general.

They were free, only requiring me to give up a few hours of my day.

With names like ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘Get the Career You Want’ they can sound cheesy, but I can honestly say that I learned something from each one.

They were delivered by life coaches and it was interesting to hear their journey and there was a common point through them all.

VALUES – Know what your values are and base your decisions around them.

It is not the first time I have come across this message, but I had forgotten what some of mine were, and others had changed over time.

I was reminded of how important values are, and how they shape daily life.

Also the small steps that can be taken to align to those values little by little. For me, life can feel ‘messy‘ when what I’m doing is at odds with what is important to me.

Say for example, one of your values is to spend time with your family, but you work/study away from them much of the time. A big step would be to make changes to your work/study so you can spend more time with family. A small and easier step would be to ensure that the time you currently spend with your family, is quality time.

Or you might be a creative person feeling trapped behind a desk or routine. A small step would be to set aside an amount of time daily, weekly or even monthly to do the creative thing(s) you enjoy.

I’ve been doing this a little with photography, but I could definitely do more.

The lessons I took away from the talks were to:

Know what is important TO ME

Work out WHAT I want to change

Decide on HOW I can take small steps to start those changes

DO THEM and adjust them if I need to

One step I am going to start with is to keep looking for inspiration by trying new things, and being around like-minded people as that inspires me the most.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it would be great to hear how you keep yourself inspired and how it has worked for you.

Thank you for reading, and here are a few posts you may also like.

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