5 Ways To Save Money When Shopping

Even when we are shopping for essentials, it’s easy to spend more than we need to, and it’s not even our fault!

With shops using clever marketing ploys, we never stood a chance.

Well now we do.

Here are my five easy ways to spend less when shopping.

Avoid fake special offers
Often they are not so special.
Which? found that supermarkets raised their prices ahead of putting items on ‘special offer’ to make the saving seem much more substantial.

So being aware of what something should generally cost is helpful.

Same purpose, different price
Products such as razor and shampoos cost less in the men’s section than in the women’s.

Cotton wool pads/buds are far cheaper in the baby section than in the beauty section.

Go down a brand
Yes, we have our favourites, some because they work better, but some are just habit.

Maybe try the next brand down, it takes courage. Or try the least expensive brand for what I call ‘wipe and throw’ products, like cotton wool, toilet paper or tissues.

As long as they are not going to shred skin, there is no sense in spending more money on them.

Slice it yourself
Pre sliced/chopped/peeled products cost more and you often get less in the pack.

Fruit and veg are the ones I notice the most.

Do a ‘big shop’
Smaller versions of your favourite supermarket tend to stock the higher priced items. They are handy for just nipping in when you need something, and in the UK they are everywhere. Just be mindful that the time and money spent on those 3 quick trips a week might be better spent on one trip to a supermarket, or even doing an online grocery shop.

So that’s my little bit of frugal wisdom for the day.

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any tips to save money, please do share them with me in the comments or Insta.

Every penny counts


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