I Am Not A Morning Person

I have never been a morning person. and I truly sympathise with others like me.

It doesn’t matter how much sleep I have had, or what I am waking up for, I still lay there after my alarm goes off, trying to work out how I can get more sleep before ‘getting up properly’.

Weirdly, many of my friends are morning people. Not that they’re weird, just that they have had to deal with me and my morning moods, and they are still friends with me. Such saints.

Note: I found a great short video that shows the differences between morning people and evening people, I’ll link it at the bottom of this post.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t sleep until noon like teenage me did. I can wake up early when I have to, but my natural time to wake up is closer to 9am and my communication skills kick in 45 minutes later.

Here is my typical work day morning:

  • My alarm goes off. I think I am still dreaming.
  • I visualise getting up and dressed for a little while before I actually do it.
  • I skip breakfast, because it would eat into my snooze/getting ready time. I know, I know, most important meal and all that.
  • While getting dressed I fantasise about getting back into bed that night.

I’ve spent years trying to become a morning person, but it is not to be.

It means my mornings are a struggle, but I still have a productive day as well as getting a lot done later in the evening. For example writing, planning and I still have energy to socialise. I’ll remind you, that I don’t drink coffee, so this energy is all me (and food).

So to sum up, I now accept that I will never be a morning person, and there is no need for me to be.

I am curious to know if you are or not, so do comment below or on my instagram @organisinglife.

Here is the link to the video as promised Early birds vs night owls (credit: ASAPScience)


3 thoughts on “I Am Not A Morning Person

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I respect people thinking they are not morning people, but I also argue to them that just because I get up at 4:30 a.m. does not make me a morning person. I think that the reason I can get up so early is because I don’t view it as being a morning person or not. I know “why” I want to get up and I am trying to fulfill my purpose in life. To do this I have to get up early.
    It is a fun topic to discuss because everyone can relate to it!

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