I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

So you’ve been watching a new show.

After all the hype from friends, colleagues and social media, you decided to give it a try.

Sunday afternoon binge watch has now turned into a daily occurrence.

I did the same recently with Stranger Things. I watched both seasons in 10 days, and it was worth every minute.

It’s great when it is worth it, but sadly, that isn’t always the case.

Remember Lost? Mid-noughties series about the survivors of a plane crash who were dropped on a mysterious island. There are flash backs and flash forwards and a whole lot of cliffhangers.

I loved it! Then I got to mid-season 3 (episode 62) and realised it was just not hitting the spot anymore. I wasn’t really enjoying it and I was confused over the plot.

The survivors had an inkling, but seemed no closer to finding their way off the island, but I had put in so much time watching, I felt like I should see it through.

I’ve started so I’ll finish.

These were the days when I watched each episode when it aired on ‘normal’ TV weekly, so if I missed an episode, I missed it. Period.

I continued.

I made it to the end of season 3 and then made the brave decision to just. stop. watching.

I had spent 72 hours of my life watching the show. For around 15 of those hours, I wasn’t even enjoying it. 15 hours I’ll never get back.

Now this is still happening, people!

In conversations on the tube, at the gym (ok I don’t go the gym), in shops, I’ve heard people saying “but I’ve invested so much time in (insert once addictive show here), I should see it through.”

We want to get our moneys worth, or justify the time we have already spent.

We must remember that we are not tied into a TV show, or a computer game, or a film trilogy, or anything else. We can:


Back away and…

Enjoy those newly spared hours.


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