Look How Far You Have Come

As I returned from spending Christmas with my family, I was dragging my heavy luggage (plural) up the stairs of the tube station. Sweaty, tired and out of breath (I really must get on top of exercising) I looked up to see I still had a good few more steps to climb.

I looked back and realised I was more than half way up. I was almost there, and that spurred me on.
Now we are only talking about 30 steps at best, but I’d say that’s still a good metaphor for life.

“Look back at how far you have come before looking at how far you still need to go.”

Even if there is still a long way to go, seeing what you have already completed gives you the motivation to keep on going.

It’s apt that today is new years eve, as there will be plenty of new years resolutions being written and proclaimed (myself included), but we mustn’t forget what we have already achieved.

In December 2016, I left my job of 8 years without knowing what I would do next. I had a well deserved few months break before starting a role in a different sector.

I am now going through this process again to bring me a step closer to what I am aiming for.

I’ve also always wanted to write a book. Would I be good at it?

For the last 3 years I wanted to write a blog. I had the same fears then. Would I be good at it? Then I realised I wouldn’t know until I tried, so I started my blog last year during my career break.
For the first month I didn’t even tell anyone it existed for fear of failing.

I have written 51 blog posts so far and I am pretty proud of them.

This post is a reminder to celebrate your achievements. It maybe that you achieved a goal, realised your passion, or you haven’t fallen over drunk in a while.

Credit where it’s due, you did it. We did it. We can keep on doing it!

Have a great new years eve and a great 2018. 


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