Getting Ready (Last Minute) Hacks

As much as I am a super planner, I can be a bit ‘time optimistic’.

No no, this does not mean late, I just think that I can fit more into a given time than I actually can.
Now I’m not talking work deadlines, I nail those, but if I am invited out last minute I always under estimate the actual time it will take me to get ready. This is even more of a challenge when last minute grooming is needed.

So I have some shortcuts to save time, but still look my best in these situations.

I wash and blow dry just the top section of my hair (front to crown) as that is the part that gets the most oily and frizzy.
Once done it really does freshen up the whole look and no one knows any different (well now they do).

Cover over any chipped nail varnish using the same colour. I just use a little bit on the brush and go over the chipped edges as gently and as thinly as possible. It looks as good as new for a couple more days. Also as it’s a thin layer it dries really quickly.
If my nails are in a really bad way, then I take it all off and go naked.

For a last minute defuzz I’m all about my epilator, otherwise it’s a razor and conditioner if I don’t have shaving gel. No nicks and silky smooth legs.

There is really no point washing make up off just to put it back on again, especially if it looks good.
I don’t wear much on my face but I am all about eye make up, so I’ll just wash my face and avoid the eyes area. If needed, a cotton bud is great for tidying up any under eye smudges.

Last minute plans are not the time for experimenting. I’ll wear a tried and tested outfit that I know looks good.
Something else I do so that I can mix it up a bit, is to lay out outfits and take pictures of them (needs advance work). That way, when I’m faced with a last minute night out I have a scroll through my pictures and decide what to wear from there. 

These tips are also handy when getting ready communally and you’re fighting over one bathroom or mirror.

Let’s hope there is no rushing over the festive period, but if there, is I’ll  be well equipped so please feel free to invite me to a party at a moments notice.🎄🎄🎄


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