Tips To Stay Sane when Christmas Shopping

It is safe to say that in trying not to get into Christmas too early, I am now feeling that mild PANIC as I need to buy presents, I don’t have much free time, and Christmas is only two weeks away!

Then I remembered, I wrote a list of present ideas earlier in the year to help me at Christmas and on birthdays. I just used the notes app on my phone and wrote them as and when I thought of presents for people.
Phew. Just the actual buying to do then!

I have some other tips which help me to keep Christmas present buying stress to a minimum.
So in the words of Marvin Gaye, Let’s get it on.


Don’t shop on the fly, go armed with a list of what you want to buy and for who. Have back up options if you can, incase you don’t find your first choice.
Lists are also useful when shopping online so you don’t add all kinds of random things to your basket and end up buying someone a set of bongos they never wanted.

Work out a realistic budget

There’s nothing worse than buying one present and then realising you don’t have enough to buy the others. Or worse still, heading into January with nada dineros because you over spent.

Shop at less busy times

If you are going to do your shopping in person, do it before schools break for the holidays. It is busy already but it will be much worse at that point.
If you’re a Christmas Eve shopper, you are brave, brave people. I find doing short bursts of shopping after work are quite good. As sad as it sounds, Friday evenings can be good for this.

Try online

Now if I’m buying clothing or accessories, I do prefer to buy in person, as it means I am less likely to need to return anything. But a friend reminded me recently that online shopping is really handy and can be much less of a stress. Just factor in delivery time.

Shop on your own

Or go with someone who can help you on your mission and keep you focussed. Also set a time limit so you don’t spend more time shopping than planned. Shopping when you are tired and grumpy results in panic buying.

Wrap as you go

I always make the mistake of doing all mine the night before I travel to see my family. Bearing in mind I also need to pack too. This is a bad move and so not Organising Life. This year I’m going to be wrapping my presents as I go along so that they’re done ahead of time.

Treat yourself
, as a reward for your fantastic efforts.

Have you already finished your Christmas shopping, or have you yet to start?

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Here is to present buying being seamless and jolly for all of us.🎄🎄🎄


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