Being 5ft (And A Few Inches) Tall

Being 5ft and a few inches tall is not unique, there are loads of us.

I always wanted to be tall, mainly so that I could go out to clubs wearing flat shoes and not have my feet hurt.

As a teen it was cute to be a little one, as an adult more so. That, along with the ‘black don’t crack’ genes means I’m often mistaken for being 10 years younger than I am.

Dont know what it’s like to be 5ft and a few inches? Here is a little insight.

There is always a tall person wearing a huge hat/topknot who stands in front of me just before what ever I’m watching starts. Most of the time if I give them a gentle nudge, they look down at me and let me go in front of them.

As above, but they don’t move, so I have to. Or I have to watch the film between people’s shoulders.

Pubs and clubs
I can usually squeeze my way through the crowd because if most people around are taller, by the time they look around and realise they need to look down, I have already squeezed past.

Downside, some bars inside said pubs and clubs are quite high, which means the barman can probably just sees what he may mistake for a floating head, so it can take a while to get served.

I’m not too uncomfortable in the small space they give, but I would like a proper justification as to how airlines expect anyone to sit in that sized space for long haul flights.

Sitting down
Proportionally I’m longer legged than torso so when I’m sat down, especially in a car, I feel like a child passenger. I used to bring a cushion to sit on when I was taking driving lessons.

Also, when I went to the Netherlands, all the toilets were quite high up. I had to tip-toe to get on to them properly. Is this a thing with the toilets of the Netherlands?

So there you have it.
I realise this post is not related at all to what I usually write about but, it’s good to mix things up a bit now and again.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, and as always, please do comment, share like or follow if you feel so inclined. 😊


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