How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s so annoying that Monday to Friday when the alarm goes off, it is like someone set off a war siren in my soul, but on a weekend I’m (most of the time) awake by 8am with no alarm.

I’m not saying I spring out of bed on a weekend tigger style, but you get my point.

I think I sleep well, but I don’t feel fully rested when I wake up. Usually as soon as I hit snooze (three times) on my alarm, I am fantasising about bed time.

I have been reading a few articles recently about how to get the best sleep and wake up feeling rested because I want nothing more than to feel fully rested. Its my goal in life.

There have been a lot of suggestions from gadgets to evening walks (do they not know how cold it is in the UK right now?!) but here are a few of the more practical tips that I will be trying this week:

Start a bed time routine and stick to it
Makes sense, we do this for babies and it works for them. I’m going to be mindful of my shower time and what I do before bed to help me feel sleepy.

Clear your mind
Writing down things that are in your mind helps you to stop thing about them. Things you need to do or remember can be the main culprits so a to-do list could help.

No phone or TV in bed
The blue light from your screens  may actually keep you up due to it triggering the brain to stop producing melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy.
I used to read in bed at night and used to be out like a light before finishing a chapter, but recently I’ve been watching programmes in bed and I’m feeling the effects.

No late coffees
I read that caffeine can affect sleep even if you drink it even six hours before bedtime. Now aside from my Christmas time latte, I don’t drink coffee but I know a lot of people who do.

Don’t eat a big meal within 3 hours of bed time
It can make it harder for your body to digest the food. I’ve found myself having dinner later and later, sometimes eating a big dinner at 9pm and then getting into bed at 10.30pm. I’m thinking a weekly meal prep session might help with this so that my dinners are cooked ahead.

So, here’s to not being the underdog in the battle for a good night’s sleep, and I’ll be sure to share how it goes.

If you have any good bed time tips, do tell, and if you thing the above tips could be helpful to others please do share them.

Feel free to leave a comment or a like. Why not go the whole way and sign up to follow my blog on here or on Instagram.

Sweet dreams. 😊


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