October – My 3 Favourites

Swings at the Tate Modern in London

Such fun!
These are designed for three people by Danish artists’ collective SUPERFLEX.
I went to try these out with a friend on a Friday evening and it really took me back to going to the park as a child. Waiting ‘patiently’ for people to get off the swing so you can have your turn. Tactics for jumping on a swing before someone else sneakily beat you to it.

We just swung and talked and let off steam.

I would strongly recommend a visit.
We later went and had a nosey at some of the exhibitions and workshops and did a bit of fun painting while there.

Dinner at Carluccio’ s afterwards was the reminder that we are actually grownups!


A Cheeky Midweek Day Off

I had booked a Wednesday off work for a meeting which was later cancelled.
I decided to keep the day off anyway as it was a nice way to break up the working week.

What did I do with my day?
After a little lie-in, I went for a pedicure. I don’t have them often so it was a bit of treat. I even got a discount because apparently ‘my feet did not need much work’. Winning at life and £3 richer, I toddled along in flip-flops while my nail varnish dried, and had a lovely lunch and read my book. It really was a great pick me up.


Columbia Road Flower Market, London

I visited this street of blooms for the first time a few weeks ago on a lovely autumnal Sunday afternoon.

The flowers are beautiful (as you would expect). It was also baby D’s (my DSLR) first cross London outing, the perfect setting for practising photography.
I even bought myself a few little succulents as I just couldn’t leave empty-handed.

What have been your favourites this month? Feel free to leave a comment, or a like. Why not go the whole way and follow me on here or on Instagram or Twitter

Thank you for reading! 😊


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