Are We Too Reliant On Technology?

Recently in Stylist magazine, I read a piece about how much we have come to rely on modern technology. 

Not necessary a bad thing, but it got me thinking about what place technology has in my life and whether it helps me to be organised.

I literally don’t know where I would be without Google maps, I could get lost in an empty room!

I can plan ahead and know how much time it will take to get to somewhere, and the best route to take.

I might still be late, but not as late as I would have been if I had used a paper map.

Online searches
You can find the number for a restaurant you want to go to in seconds. You can view the menu, even book a table online. If you can’t find it online, is it even worth going to?

Back in the day you would have needed a Yellow Pages. Imagine now having a paper listing which was only updated once a year?

For someone like me who likes to plan, having all the information I need quickly is fantastic.

Online dating
‘Shopping’ for a potential other half online.
I think its great that this is an option, but I do think that it depersonalises it a bit. Until you meet in person at least.
Also there are those who just don’t match their description at all.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this one as it doesn’t help me to be organised in any way, but I couldn’t not mention it.
The jury is still out for me.

E-payments and online banking
This has been around for most of my adult life.
I do remember having just a cash card in my teens, and having to check my balance at the ATM. Not too much of a chore as I didn’t have much.

Now you can check your balance and transfer money using a banking app. You can pay for pretty much anything without handing over physical cash.
I do still like to carry some cash, because what if I lose my debit card?

And now there is Apple pay.

The bottom line is, I can keep track of my spending so easily and plan my finances better.

I actually used to like the excitement of sending my photos off to be developed, and waiting to get them back to see what level of bluriness I had to achieve.

But it was expensive. Buying film, paying to get them developed, paying to get your favourites copied. Oh and you had to batteries for the camera too.

I love how now you can take as many pictures as you want and just delete the unwanted ones (which reminds me that do have some pictures bundled with elastic bands which need to be sorted through).

I am Now only limited by the space on my memory card.

Having access to music, new and old instantly. No waiting for the weekly chart countdown, no having to buy a CD in order to hear a full song without an MC or DJ chatting over my favourite part. Now you can have it all on your phone. Amazing!

Music makes me happy so this ultimately means I can cheer myself up wherever I am. Also I have been able to clear out loads of CDs.

So you see, as much as there is reliance on some technology, so what?
If it helps you to better manage certain aspects of your life then I’m all for it. 


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