How Can I Get Through Winter?

In winter I have to make a real effort to lift my mood.

I would happily hibernate during winter, only peeking out to get supplies and make eyes at a cutie. It would be pretty boring though and I would probably drive myself mad.

Actually that’s irrelevant as there is the small matter of having to go to work.

As I’ve said before, I am still clinging on to summer, but it hasn’t escaped me that it is getting dark earlier, and it makes me sad.

In summer people gently stroll, in winter people scurry to get in from the cold.

In summer the legs are out, in winter it’s a thousand layers and then sweating to death on the underground.

In winter I can’t wear my pretty strappy shoes, well not without getting my feet wet or getting frostbite.

It’s painful…watching my shoes just gathering dust in my wardrobe.

So what will I do to keep my mood up? I’m working on it.

I definitely need to keep myself motivated, no hiding from the rain and wind.

Maybe if I make sure I have social things planned on crappy weather days, I’ll be excited about those even if it’s 5 degrees and raining out. I guess it will be an opportunity to wear some of my nicer winter wear too.

I usually fall into wearing dark colours just because it’s winter, I could mix in some brighter colours.

Maybe I could wake up and go to work early, so that I can leave work earlier and see a sliver of daylight in the evening. Hang on, I could even go outside at lunchtime in winter. We’re onto something here!

I’ve recently started a photography course, so weekend winter walks would be great for practicing taking outdoor pictures. This makes me pretty excited.

Just writing this has kinda raised my motivation, seriously.
I won’t pretend that I’m ecstatic, but it getting colder and darker is as an opportunity for me to do what I have just suggested. It could be another changing habits challenge.

What do you do in winter, or are you one of those people who loves winter? Tell me, tell us.


2 thoughts on “How Can I Get Through Winter?

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  1. I thought today, that from now on, a bit like the Skittles advert, that I would ‘Live the Rainbow’ of colour. And I bought a pair of yellow lemon wedge dangle earrings. Hopefully my winter colour staple!! 😀


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