7 Things You Need To Throw Away

You could think of these tips as descaler. 

If you use descaler frequently you have minimal to zero build-up.

You can decide how often you use, it or if you wait until the build-up stops something functioning properly.
Lets get started.

Things that once were a pair

Top of my list are socks and earrings. They are a plural for reason.
Unless you can mix and match them with another set, you don’t need odd ones in your life.


Old receipts and bills
If you need to keep a record of bills you could switch to electronic billing, or scan them. With receipts, once the purchase is out of warranty you shouldn’t need it.
The My purse is so full post is a prime example of why you should clear these out.
Note: To protect your ID security, I would recommend shredding them first.


Old toiletries and makeup
Gloopy nail varnish, scent that now has that musty alcohol smell, makeup you opened years ago. This will not be good for your skin.


Broken items
This one can be painful, especially if it was an expensive or sentimental item. The way to look at it is, if it can be fixed and recreated, or repurposed to use in a different way in its broken state, make it happen.
A broken chain that could become a bracelet, great.
But if you haven’t fixed or repaired it within 3 months, it should go.


Surplus Items
I used to be the worst for this.
At one point I had 3 pairs of hair straighteners, 2 pairs of curling tongs, a hair crimper. A crimper!
All were back ups ‘just in case’ the ones I was using broke.


Things you know you wont use again
Clothes, books etc. Ok, you could give them away or sell them, but don’t keep them.

I had a vacuum cleaner for 6 years living in a flat which has laminate wood flooring. I mean, seriously!
I also had a video cassette player (remember those?) Stored away. This was in the noughties. It turned out that a friend was looking for one to watch some family recordings from childhood. So that worked out rather nicely to be fair.


Old medication
You would not eat food that was months out of date would you, why risk it with chemicals?


We’re these tips useful? Let me know, and share them with others.

If you like tips on clearing out and making space,  you might want to take a look at some of my past posts. Clearing Out, Declutter

If you have any tips on this subject, or stories about things you have held on to, I’d love to hear them.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 😊


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