How Do They Afford It?

I used to wonder about how people who were always going on nice holidays and had new clothes every time I saw them, managed to afford it.

Then I realised that while some may earn a lot or use credit, others are careful with their spending.

I mean just think about about some of the things we spend money on, and how much we would have spare if we saved some of it.

Even the simple things we might buy daily.

• Grabbing a coffee on the way to work £2.50
• Buying lunch £3.00

Now I’ve calculated these on the lowest price local to me, so it will vary from person to person.

But based on the above and assuming coffee and lunch is 5 days a week, just those 2 purchases come to £27.50 a week.

That doesn’t sound like a crazy spend. Per year though (minus 1 month as paid holiday), that works out at £1320.

Now that’s a fare bit.

If someone gave you £1320 in cash right now, what would you do with it?

I know for a fact that I wouldn’t spend it all on food (or coffee as I don’t drink it). So why am I buying my lunch most days when I could just take something from home? Why are you buying coffee each morning when you could make one and take it in travel mug?

I just did a quick calculation and the flights and accommodation for my 5 European trips (travelling from London) this year cost less than £1320.

That puts it into perspective for me.

Maybe if I’d brought my own lunch to work I could have taken 10 trips away.

I’m sold!

What could you have saved?
Better yet, what will you save and what will it help you to pay for?


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