August – My 3 favourites

So, my August favourites are all food related. That’s no surprise to me as I am forever munching.

Anyway, let’s get stuck in!

Honest Burger

Now, I’m not overly keen on burgers, I mean, I like them but they’re not my first choice for dinner.
But after an evening of cocktails with friends, we were super hungry and after arriving at a pub where it turned out (after we had decided what we wanted to eat) the kitchen was closed for the night, we stumbled upon Honest Burger.

I had the Honest Burger which comes with rosemary fries. Wow. Too, too nice.

I didn’t even take a food picture because I simply couldn’t wait to tuck in, so here is the food menu (it doesn’t do it justice in my opinion) for you to drool over instead.

Banana on pizza

Long story short, I went to visit a friend in France and her other half makes amazing home-made pizzas. We had a pizza night and my friend chose to add pineapple and banana as her choice. 

I had a try, and do you know what? It really really works.
It turns out that it’s a Swedish Hawaiian pizza (I googled it, it’s a thing).

Here’s a slice.

Antipasti for breakfast
I have been making this at home instead of my usual weekend fry up recently.

When I say make, I mean slice things and put them on a plate. That’s the beauty of it though, it’s quick, filling and delicious.
The key thing is to buy nice fresh bread.

Yummety yum.

Thats my favourites, and probably my waistline.

If you have any food favourites, do share as I am all about trying new food.

Thank you for reading 😊


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