Time Flies

Can you believe it is almost the end of August? 

And do you know what the worst thing is? The C word is already being bandied about.

I’ve already started receiving emails from bars for Christmas bookings, some pubs have signs outside promoting Christmas lunch.

I refuse to dignify them with a response!

While I am here clinging onto British summer, as I am sure most of you are.

How quickly time seems to pass.

I think its a combination of a few things.

We often wish the time away, on Monday morning we’re thinking about the freedom of the weekend.
It gets to winter and there is a yearning for the longer, warmer days.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it does. So if you are having a great time and the time is passing quickly, this should be a good thing.

Advertising forces us to think about the next occasion even if we not ready to, instead of relishing what we are doing right now.

In shops, summer items have been on sale racks for weeks (which is handy) and winter clothes will be on sale in the high street super soon if they aren’t already.

A magazine I read the other day was full of tips to keep skin healthy in winter, Halloween ideas and festive outfits.

What the actual…? IT’S AUGUST!

As I said, I’m clinging onto summer as long as possible. If you hear me utter that tinsel related C word

 before November, give me a short sharp slap!


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