So Much Choice

How great is it that there is so much choice out there?

Drink? Sure, where do we fancy? A bar, club, pub, coffee shop. Oh, and don’t get me started on coffee shop options, size, what type of coffee, what kind of milk, whipped cream on top? Syrup?

Need to change broadband provider? Yep, lets look for a cheaper deal! Even with the help comparison websites there’s still lots to choose from.

Dinner? Great! Where shall we eat? In most cities you can choose cuisine from pretty much any country.

Ten messages later it’s decided. We get there, and they have an amazing menu. Now this is where I really struggle.
I want pretty much everything! Whatever I choose I know I’ll have food envy, and want what you have ordered.

If it is somewhere I have been to a lot, I could recite the menu to you from memory, yet I still go through this painful choosing process.
When they come to take our order, I have to quickly decide between 2 (sometimes 4) options.


So much choice.

I know of people including myself, who consider a decision so much, they end up not deciding at all.

I had been thinking about moving house. I started looking, and even when I narrowed it down to what was in my budget, I had to choose an area and which letting agent to go through. It got so big, so I didn’t move.

Analysis paralysis

Can we avoid it? Maybe.
Can we make things easier on ourselves? Definitely.

Think about the impact of the decision. For trivial decisions like where and what to eat, it’s not that big a deal. The worst case scenario is that you order something you don’t like as much as you thought. So let’s not spend too much time and energy on those. I am slowly getting there with this.

For decisions that will have a longer lasting impact, like moving house or buying a car, cast the net smaller. I did this.

There is a huge amount of choice in where to live in London, so I narrowed it down to areas I could afford and areas I strongly wanted to live in and would be an easy(ish) journey to work. I chose just 2 letting agents to contact.
I had less to choose from but I could make the decision easily.
I didn’t move because the outcome was that the properties were smaller and cost more than what I have now. And I like what I have now. It was a no brainer.

I spent less time deliberating over it, and made an informed decision I am happy with.

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Thank you


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