It’s The Principle!

That is one of my regularly used phrases in any argument (oops) debate I have.

Principles are important, but can really trigger the stubborn which lies beneath.

Let me share a little story with you.

I recently bought tickets to a flamenco show (I love me some flamenco) and was really looking forward to it. I received an email this week from the ticket sellers telling me that the event had been cancelled, and that I would be refunded the face value of the ticket.

That’s a shame but oh well, I thought, all casual.

Then it dawned on me, I would receive a refund for the price of the ticket, but not the booking fee. That can’t be right, it’s not my fault that the event has been cancelled, why should I be out of pocket?

Let me email them to double-check, I thought, only to realised that the email I had received was from a ‘donotreply@…’ email address. How inconvenient, this is not good customer service, I mumbled to myself.

After searching online, I found a phone number for them, the gentleman I spoke to was polite but not very helpful, and couldn’t really explain why I would not be refunded the booking fee I had paid.

I felt so angry and there was nothing I could do. Oh…I could write an email of complaint. So, the gentleman gave me the customer service email address. (I should add that I am never rude to call centre staff, as my first few jobs were as a call centre operative, and I know it’s not nice when people are rude to you over the phone).
I wrote a short email asking for an explanation and felt a bit better. Then I thought, what is this really about?
What I haven’t told you is the booking fee was £0.50. 50 pennies! 50p! Whichever way I word it, it really isn’t a lot, but it’s the principle!
I realised what I was really annoyed about was that, it is unfair to me the consumer, yet the seller still makes money and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

For this reason I blew it up into something huge.
There are people experiencing injustices all over the world, and me not being refunded my 50p booking fee is Just. Not. That. Big. A. Deal.

Get a grip!


Just look how easy it was to build things up into something huge, and use up my time and energy on something I didn’t need to.

If this sounds like you, here’s how can you avoid getting worked up over 50p:

  • Vent (calmly) to someone and get it out of your system early on
  • Get some perspective
  • Pick your battles

I shall also be taking my own advice.


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