5 Important Traits You Need In A Friend

The one who will call you out on your sh*t
Sometimes you need someone to hold up the mirror and tell you that you are not the fairest of them all.



The one who won’t let you wallow in misery
They’ll give you your five minutes of moping, but then they will help to pull you out of your pit. They might even get into your pit with you and nudge you out.



The one who is always your cheerleader
They’ll spur you on, be there if it things don’t work out, and be there when you try something else.



The one you can argue with, but you never fall out
You won’t always agree with your friends, and it’s good to be able to express when thisΒ the case and you know you’ll get over it within a few days.

pexels-photo (3)


The truthful one
No that outfit did not suit you, and they told you because they wanted you to look and feel your best.



These traits may be all rolled up in one friend, or spread across the people in your circle of friends. Either way, we should appreciate them, even when they are holding up the mirror to us.

So friends, I thank you.

Quote “A good friend will overlook your broken gate, and admire the roses in your garden.”

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