Dont Miss A Thing

The sunset is always so much more beautiful when you are on holiday! The food, the air, the people you meet. Just πŸ‘Œ

Why is that? (Granted in some parts of the world the sunsets are breath-taking).

Waiheke Island, New Zealand, 2016


I know when I’m on holiday I switch into holiday mode, whether that is in another city close to me or in another country.
On holiday, I want to fully experience everything. I see things through fresh eyes, because I’m completely relaxed, and want to make the most of it.

In contrast, in my day-to-day life I don’t stop to appreciate the little things as much as I should. My brain is going ten to the dozen thinking about getting to where I’m going, what I need to do when I get there, where I need to go afterwards.

Those two pretty butterflies flitting in front of me on the way to the tube were just in my way (I was a little scared they might fly at me too).

That busker in the station was just an interruption to my busy thoughts.

On holiday I would have watched the pretty butterflies doing their little mating dance. I would have watched the busker for as many songs as I could, I might have even sang along (OK hummed).

Strange isn’t it? It’s the same life, but a change of scenery and a break from ‘normal’ can really improve our mind-set, and in turn completely change how we view things.

We need to cling on to or re-create that holiday mode feeling. Notice what is around us, get out of our heads (and phones) and appreciate those little things.

We don’t want to miss a beautiful sunset.

Bradford, England, 2017



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