10 Top Tips to Stay Fresh & Clean (festival style)

Remember the Outkast song ‘Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh so clean’?

Well, whilst chatting with some of the ladies I go to festivals with, we got onto talking about ways to stay fresh and clean whilst there.

As I know any of you going to a festival will no doubt be in the midst of packing, I’m going to keep this short and sweet and give you 10 top tips to stay fresh and clean at a festival.

Do any hair removal as close as possibly to the day you are going. There will be less to maintain whilst there.

If you don’t get to use the showers (which are usually few and for over tens of thousands of people to use), wet wipes are your friend. You could also bring a small bowl plastic bowl with you, a wash cloth and some shower gel. Fill the bowl at the water stand close to your camp, take it back to your tent and get a strip wash.

If you go down the water bowl route, you could even have a quick shave too if needed. Top tip – conditioner can be used as shaving cream, it softens the hair and helps the razor to glide.

There is no excuse not to brush your teeth, you can go to the water stand or use bottled water (obviously bring some toothpaste).

When out and about at a festival, it can be hard to find somewhere to wash your hands properly.

Bring plenty of hand sanitiser and use some of your bottled water to wash and rinse your hand as best you can. You really don’t want to be catching a bug whilst you’re there!

If it doesn’t rain you don’t want to lug your wellies right. But you just never know, so if you can carry them, bring them.

If there are water stands near camp, it can get a bit boggy, also if there is a little rain and with all those feet churning the ground, it can be a little soft underfoot. At least bring something more waterproof than your fresh white plimsolls!

If mother nature visits you while at the festival, it isn’t ideal, but what can you do eh?

You should only put toilet paper down the compost toilets, so take nappy bags to put used ‘stuff’ in and then pop those bags in the bins.

It is more hygienic and there is no chance of an unsuspecting bin duty volunteer picking ‘stuff’ up.

Shoes off at the door! Keep muddy footwear out of your tent. It’s much nicer to have a clean area to sleep and get dressed in.

Hair, just let it be. You could try dry shampoo etc. if that works for you. I wash and blow dry my hair the night before. Once my hair can no longer pass as decently straight, I wet it, pop in conditioner and tie my hair up and repeat for the remaining days.

I must say, my hair is so soft once I get home and give it a proper wash.

If you have problem skin, try to keep up with your cleansing routine even if it is a simplified version. You could do it at the water stand in the morning when brushing your teeth.

That’s it, enjoy the fields!


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