My Purse Is So Full

Wow, my purse is bulging…
…with so much crap! How did this even happen?

And now I can’t find the receipt I need so I’ll have to clear it out.

Here it is, don’t judge me 🙈

This purse is a tardis!


So what is all this? Do I need it? Lets see…

42 receipts. Some groceries, some ATM, some lunch (I need to get back on making my lunch for work) and a few other purchases. Oh and a couple of old lottery tickets, (I’m now having an imaginary win moment).

20 cards. I’m going to need to use the KEEP SAVE DISCARD rule very strictly for these.
KEEP = stays in my purse
SAVE = not needed daily so can be stored at home until I need it
DISCARD = Hardly worth the space, get rid.

• Store loyalty/reward cards – Boots, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett’s cards – KEEP
• Harrods (it will take me a lifetime to get enough points, but they do send me £10 off for my birthday) – SAVE
• Coffee shop reward cards – I have coffee maybe three or four times a year, mainly at Christmas as I do like a gingernut latte – DISCARD
• Volunteer ID card – KEEP
• Library card, I’m a bookworm – KEEP
• Bank card and driving license – KEEP
• First Aid instruction card, it might come in handy, I pray never though. KEEP
• EU travel insurance card – SAVE
• Charity donation cards, I don’t need them daily – SAVE
• Business cards from contacts. Add the details to my phone duh – DISCARD
• Book of first class stamps – I think I’m one of few who has these but I do use them to post my family birthday cards, old school I know but it’s nice – KEEP

So now I am left with a tidy purse containing two receipt (yes, yes I found the one I was looking for) and 9 cards.

I am so very proud.


This is just a small(ish) purse, but it does show how easy it is for things to get cluttered. Bags, cupboards, rooms, your mind, lives. Its the same thing but on different scales.

Ironically it takes more time to clear it out when it’s too much, than it would be to do it as you go along. Life lesson right there my friends.


7 thoughts on “My Purse Is So Full

Add yours

  1. Hi there,

    I wonder if you had any tips for storing all my colourful necklaces on display, in a limited space? I have some space on one of my shelves I’d like to put them.

    Many thanks,


    1. What a great idea to display your necklaces! I’d say firstly check that you want to keep them all and that you can see yourself wearing them in future. With regards to displaying them, there are lots of ways to do this, and it depends on your personal style.
      Do you use Pinterest?
      I often look there for inspiration, especially for home decor and storage ideas, so that might be a good first step for you to narrow down some ideas. Be warned though, it is addictive! 😊


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