Changing Habits Challenge – How did I do?

How did I do?
I’d like to think you spent your week wondering how I was getting on with my Changing Habits Challenge, but why would you? You have your own lives going on.
Humour me though…lets pretend you were all just a little curious about whether I would stick to my challenges or not.
(Oh, I should add for any new readers, that this post is a follow-up from the Changing Habits Challenge I set myself in my blog post last week. Have a read and it will all make sense).

Anyway, back to the results (drum roll please)…

Screenshot_2017-05-28-11-41-03-1Well I think my results are pretty good! It was harder than I thought it would be though.

I had to be really conscious of what I was doing each time. So for example, after the first two days, to help me get out of bed on the other side, I moved the stuff (tablet, phone, bottle of water) from my left bedside table to my right one. That made the biggest difference.
The dressing gown challenge was similar, I just hung it in the bathroom so that by the time I was near it, I was practically in the shower anyway. I did realise though that I like to put it on because its feels comforting on a morning, but I can and will do with out it.
The salt thing was easier than I thought it would be, I thought I might fail for sure.
Drinking a full hot drink…well lets not go there, I might just stop having hot drinks (there’s a solution!). Oh, actually I could try this challenge next time with an infused herbal drink instead…
Varying my clothes, I think was much easier because the weather was gorgeous in London this week. Also went well because it feels good when you look good. This was the only challenge I could plan ahead, and as I like putting outfits together anyway, it was enjoyable.
So what is there to learn from this challenge?
• Understand why you want to change a habit. If you believe in the reason, you are more likely to stick to it.
• Make all the tweaks you can to support the change you are making, so that it is as easy as possible.
• Keep a record of your progress. If you don’t achieve one or some of the days, keep trying and it will get easier.
• Accept that some things are just in your nature, if it is not causing you any harm and doesn’t affect anyone else, does it matter?

I hope you have found this both interesting and useful, but I’ll be happy with one out of two!


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