Changing Habits Challenge

Habits. They are so easy to get into, aren’t they?

Even the littlest ones, whether good or not so good. I’m forever calling people out on routines they have because of course, I just flow with the wind (yes, I am currently climbing down off my high horse right leg first, because that’s how I descend).

But seriously, I’ve been making a mental note of some of my habits and it’s interesting that some of them serve no real purpose and/or I do them without thinking about them, like:

1.       I get out of my bed on the left side, even though if I got out on the right side I would be closer to the bedroom door.

2.       I put my dressing gown on as soon as I get out of bed to go and get a shower,  even though it only takes 12 steps to get there. Yes, I counted.

3.       I always add salt to my plate of food.

4.       When I make a hot drink I only ever drink half of it.

5.       I only go to my ‘work’ wardrobe when choosing what to wear for work, even though I could wear something from the ‘non-work’ wardrobe.

Now most of these are harmless (except the salt one), but I want to eventually start working towards breaking some bad habits bit by bit, like:

6.       I snooze my alarm for much longer than I should

7.       I don’t have breakfast before work

So, I have decided that over the next week I am going to challenge myself to start changing habits 1-5.

It is a bit of an experiment as I want to set the standard so that I can change habits 6 and 7. I read that it can take 12 weeks to break a habit/form a new habit, and I intend to stick to them so that they do become a normal part of my day.

So, I am turning these around to make them into actual goals, as I work a lot better if I have a goal:

1.       Get out of bed on the right-hand side

2.       Don’t put on a dressing gown in the morning (unless it is cold)

3.       Taste food, and only add salt if it is truly needed.

4.       Either make a full cup of a hot drink and drink it all, or make a half cup and drink it all.

5.       Vary work outfits to include all appropriate items in the wardrobe

I gave up smoking a few years ago, so I am sure I can do this. We shall see, and I will update you in a week.

If any of you want to join me in the Changing Habits Challenge this week, write in the comments what your habit is the habit is that you want to change (keep it clean) and let me know how you get on.

We can do this!




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