I’ve never been someone who does one thing at a time. Some things do need my full attention, but generally find I like having a few things on the go, especially if it will save me some time.

I call it Multi-doing.

Take last Thursday for example.
I got home from work around 7.30pm. That’s not super late but I wanted to make a Bolognese (from scratch because I’d been thinking about it all day), shower, paint my toenails, eat dinner and have time to relax properly before bed. Gosh how great would it be to have an at home hospitality service?!

Anyway, that’s a lot to do and I was tired. I wasn’t going to compromise on any of those things, so I started operation ‘Cook-Clean-Pamper in under an hour’ and honestly, it really works.
For this you need to cook something that doesn’t need you to stand over it the whole time (so not a stir fry). Bolognese or Chilli is perfect.

Disclaimer: This might look like a recipe but it isn’t.

Step 1. 10 minutes
Wash, peel and chop your ingredients. Brown them, add your spices and tomatoes etc. Once that’s all in (and yes I know it’s not cooked yet), put the whole pot in a low oven with the lid on, to continue cooking (so no plastic handles people).

Step 2. 10 minutes
Put any of the dishes and utensils you’ve used in hot soapy water, and wipe down your worktops and cooker top.

Step 3. 25 minutes
While the dishes are soaking and the food is in the oven, have a shower (if you’re a bath person, you would need to run your bath as part of step 1 or 2 and check it as needed).
Get out of the shower, dry off, moisturise and paint those toenails (I chose a berry colour in case you’re wondering).

Step 4. 10 minutes
It all comes to together
While your toenails are drying boil the pasta, wash the dishes and take the Bolognese out of the oven.

(I realise now that I could have washed the dishes in the ‘clean’ step, but this is an honest portrayal of how I do it. I’m all about self-improvement, so I’ll try that next time!)

Anyway…et voila! Time to eat and relax.

Tips for doing Cook-Clean-Pamper successfully:
– There is no room for error
– There is no room for distraction so stay focused people!
– Put flip-flops on before painting your toe nails. Trying to put them on after will just lead to ruining your handiwork.

Do you have some multi-dos you’d like to share? Pop them in the comments.

If you try my multi-do, let me know how it goes.

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