It’s Good To Talk

Are you a good talker? I am.

I can talk for hours about most things, go off on a tangent and boomerang back again.

What I really mean to ask is, when you talk, do you always say what you mean? I don’t.

Say you’re with a friend having a catch up and they ask you how you are, what you’ve been up to, what do you say?
Do you give them the good and funny highlights and skip over the less general stuff? I do, mostly. And that’s ok, but sometimes the general stuff can be the things that are silently bothering you.
The job you applied for but didn’t get; Those first dates you’ve been on which haven’t progressed; How tired you feel all the time; The argument you had with someone.

It could be anything.

It takes a good (and very patient) friend to get me to really open up and talk, and when I do, it feels so so good.
It doesn’t fix things or wipe them away, and I do feel exposed, but I feel a little lighter because I’ve shared something that has been bothering me for a while.

Now I know it’s not always that easy. Sometimes what we have to say feels big and we don’t want to burden people, but a good friend won’t find it a burden. They may even be able to offer some advice.

You don’t have to tell the world but if you can identify someone who you trust and who’s opinion you value, that may be the person to talk to.

The flip side of this is, you may be the listener. Someone you know wants to confide in you, so take some time to listen, you might just make that person’s day a little better.


6 thoughts on “It’s Good To Talk

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  1. Exactly, being a good listener is also very important. And it is not necessary that we give some sort of advice… For the other person, merely having someone to listen to all their problems can be a big relief.

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