Nothing has to be Forever

Hello and happy Sunday!
Now for this post I’ll need you to use your imagination, and to think a little (nothing too taxing, I promise).

Imagine you have a room to decorate, a complete blank canvas.
If it was the middle of winter would you want to make it feel cosy and warm? In summer would you maybe want to make it feel airy and bright? The key thing is you want to decide and decorate it before you move in.
I think that is a bit like life.
We need to decide what direction we go in, or we will live a life that doesn’t look the way we want it.

Now, how will you decorate that room? You might be avidly looking for decorating inspiration, or not. While you might not realistically redecorate each season, you could decide on something that will work all year round, and change-up some of the accessories from time to time, to match how you want it to feel.
In life that is the same, we decide on jobs, relationships, where we live…and if it isn’t working for us we should be changing bits to make it work better.

A year has passed, maybe the room is too big or too small for you now, or you have seen another room that you like. Hmm now it is time for bigger change, you need a re-furb, maybe you want a different room. What to do, what to do…
In life similarly, we sometimes want something completely different to what we wanted before, and we might want to change all, or part of our lives.

I have purposely not included examples of changes I have or want to make, because I want you to really think about you and your life.
I will however, leave you with a few points to ponder:
• If making the changes all at once is not possible or seems scary, break it down in to smaller bits and start there. Sometimes that might mean starting with the thing we want to change the most, other times changing a few smaller things can get us motivated to start on the bigger things.
• Changes don’t have to be drastic, and they don’t have to be announced to the world unless we want them to be.
• The changes and decisions we make don’t have to be forever, we can change again whenever we like.
• If the change or decision we made didn’t work out as we expected, that’s fine too. At least we tried it.
Don’t stay in a room that isn’t right for you – don’t live a life that isn’t right for you. Change it, and keep changing it until it feels right.


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