Pack It In

Considering that trips away are usually something to look forward to, packing for said trips is not my favourite thing.

If there is anyone reading this who enjoys packing, please let yourself be known!
A common scenario is, the trip is booked and paid for. There’s days, weeks or even months of excitement built up whilst counting down the days…but somehow the night before, there’s frantic washing, ironing and packing going on.
Because in my head, I’ve envisaged what I want to pack, the sense of urgency doesn’t kick in until the last minute.
In the last few months I’ve been on a few trips, often booked last minute, so I’ve only had a few days to pack (I know, woe is me). I found few ways to take some of the stress out of packing and thought I’d share them with you.
• I keep a travel wash bag ready packed with the travel sized products I use, such as shampoo, conditioner, hair product, suncream. That way I can just grab it and chuck it in my luggage.
• Oh a point ahead of this is I don’t buy actual travel sized products where possible, they tend to cost more overall. Instead I decant most products such as face cream, shampoo, conditioner etc. into small bottles and containers. Also, most hotels provide at least shower gel, shampoo (sometimes it is combined hair and body wash and I still don’t know I feel about this).
• If I am flying and only taking cabin luggage, the above is particularly good as I can still take all of the things I need, as long as it is within the size restriction and fits into that plastic bag they give you at the airport.
• Planning my clothes and take things I can mix and match, rinse and dry easily tends to help. This way I don’t need to pack something for each day.
• I’ve become much more realistic about what footwear I take. If I’m going on a city break with lots of sightseeing planned, I know I’ll need comfy footwear. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle and want to take all of my favourite shoes in case I go out in the evening, but I’ve come to learn that if I’ve been pounding the pavement all day, I’ll default to comfy (still pretty) footwear, or it may be that I don’t even make it out very far in the evening!
• To make use of all the space in my luggage, I stuff footwear with things like socks and underwear, which can be rolled up and slotted inside.
• I wear the heaviest, bulkiest items to travel in, that way they arent taking up space in my luggage. Some airlines have weight restrictions on cabin luggage. Even if I am not flying, I don’t want to be weighed down with heavy luggage if I can avoid it.

My last tip for today is:
• Leave a little space in your luggage, you may want to buy something to remind you of your trip away or as a gift for others.
Please do share with me any tips you have, there can never be too many tips and hacks.

Happy travels!


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