Clearing Out

Q. When will you know when you have too much stuff?
A. When you need more storage for all of your stuff.

True thing.

I am definitely one of those people who acquires a lot of stuff. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a hoarder, (there was that time when I owned 5 pairs of hair straighteners ‘just in case’ though). My problem is/was that I find it difficult to get rid of something if it still works/fits/looks nice.
So during the last 2 months I’ve been having a massive clear out and I’ve been quite ruthless. Clothes, shoes, tupperware (yes, I am that person), bedding.
Whilst hauling bag after bag to the charity shop, I had a lightbulb moment.
“If I stop getting new stuff, I’ll have less stuff to look after.” G E N I U S!
For someone who likes to have lots of choice, it is not that easy….is it?
Well, I realised it would be unrealistic for me to go cold turkey, but if I could make sure the stuff I do have will definitely be used and is in good working order, I’ll be less likely to feel like I need multiples of the same thing.
Lets talk about my clothes, for example.
I pulled everything out of my wardrobe and had a day of trying everything on and applied the following rules:
– Does it look good and fit me exactly the way I want it to?
– Is it in good condition?
– Will I definitely wear it?

All those I could answer Yes, Yes, Yes to, went back in the wardrobe (neatly and coordinated of course).
Anything that didn’t fit the above was split into bags to:
– Throw away
– Donate to charity
– Swap

The throwing away and charity donations were done the same day. The swap required a little more thought.

I’d been chatting with a few friends and most had clothes they too no longer wore, so I already knew who there would be some interest in swapping.
We set a date and held a Fashion Swap Party at mine.

By the end everyone left with things they really liked, and leftover items were taken to charity. (For those of you who want to know more about the Fashion Swap Party, I’ll do a separate post about it just for you).
My wardrobe now has more space, and it is much easier to choose what to wear. I’ll probably go through the wardrobes again in a few months and see what items I still haven’t reached for and do the same again.
You don’t have to have a swap, but sorting through what you do have, whether that is clothes, kitchen ware, or tools, it is a good way to identify what you no longer need. It frees up space and it frees up time in the long run as you won’t have to look after unnecessary things.
Oh and you wont need to get more storage.


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