Free Your Mind

What a week!

Every day the alarm goes off, we get up, we shower/bath/wash, we rush out, we get back in the evening to rush around some more, we half reply to messages, we have a quick nosey on social media, we catch up on programmes…and fall asleep before the opening credits finish.

Sound familiar?

Now it’s the weekend, all that freedom, so much to do, see, watch, and yet a small (who am I kidding?) a large part of us wants to just STOP and RELAX and just not have to think until Monday.

This is normal…I think…but how nice would it be to NOT.TO.FEEL.LIKE.THIS?

I could start by talking about ways to organise time, work, ourselves, but we’ll get onto to that in the next post. Instead, I thought I’d share one of the ways I destress and re-energise.

Clear a slot once a week, midweek, just for you. I usually try 3 hours on a Wednesday or Thursday.

You could use the time to:

  • Have a long shower…not the kind just to get clean, but a nice long one, the kind where you can relax, groom and pamper yourself, and get out feeling shiny and new.
  • Have a think about what you might want to do at the weekend, I find I do this whilst I’m in the shower, even if I am singing at the top of my voice.
  • Reply to messages, now I’m not talking about liking posts and tweeting. I mean those messages from family, friends maybe even dates. There’s usually always someone I have been feeling bad about not getting in touch with so I’ll prioritise them, maybe even give them a call for a quick chat or to arrange a day to meet.
    Also if you’ve decided you want to do things at the weekend you could check routes, and get tickets or if it involves other people, invite them.
  • Have an early (earlier than normal) night. I get into bed an hour earlier and either read or watch one of my favourite programmes. Sometimes I just to do what I’m there to do….sleep!

Try it.

If your are really pressed for time try once every 2 weeks, as long you give yourself some time….you really deserve it.


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